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Having dogs all my life I never thought I would ever have to go to a dog training class, but after taking on a rescue dog in France after the death of our old English Springer I found that I needed to take action.  Bisto was 7 months old when we took him on, we had no history for him and soon found that he’d had no training at all and he thought he could do as he pleased.  Wrong there boy!


We signed up with Maureen Shelley, who had trained dogs in the UK and was an affiliated trainer with the Kennel Club and had decided to carry on her teaching after moving to France.  It was the best thing both Bisto and me had ever done and I was hooked! 


I have always enjoyed watching gun dog trials, sheepdog trials and obedience trials, and having two uncles who did this, one with police dogs in the army and one with gun dogs, I suppose you could say it was in my genes. 


When Maureen informed our class that she was retiring and going back to England after the tragic death of her husband to say I was distraught was an understatement, if somewhat selfish, and my reaction was, “What am I going to do?”  Maureen’s answer was, “Start your training and take over from me”.


So after three years intensive training with Maureen I was on my way, and, I am happy to say carrying on where she left off.








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